Cliff Lyons (I) (1901–1974)

Stunts | Actor | Assistant Director


  • Johnny Mack Brown, Bert Dillard, Terry Frost, Frank Hagney, Fuzzy Knight, Cliff Lyons, Nell O'Day, Jack Rockwell, and Jack Tornek in Law of the Range (1941)
  • Gene Alsace and Cliff Lyons in Harmony Trail (1944)
  • Charles Brunner, Cliff Lyons, Artie Ortego, and Charles Stevens in Winners of the West (1940)
  • Charles King, Cliff Lyons, Rita Rey, and Hector V. Sarno in The Oklahoma Cyclone (1930)
  • Cliff Lyons in The Oklahoma Cyclone (1930)
  • Emilio Fern├índez, N.E. Hendrix, Cliff Lyons, and Rita Rey in The Oklahoma Cyclone (1930)

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