It's the story of many a men, but this one dared to follow his dreams. And looking at us now nothing but reality .He was born to S. Gurdev Singh and Tej Kaur, in a village by the name of Giddarbaha, in distt. Faridkot in Punjab.

He went through the normal drill of being educated in Malout. The one thing with him even in those days was his singing! After the basics were over, his parents thought it best to shift him to Patiala city for further studies. The National Sports Institute was there and Gurdas Maan joined up to finish his masters in physical education. At the point he was all set to be a sports coach! He took part in many athletic events and won himself a couple of medals. He also happens to be a black belt holder in judo. He got to show off his talents in plenty of youth festivals, that were organized by various universities. And talent indeed, because it was here that he started winning award for his work in singing and acting. On completion of his masters degree, he started looking around for a job but in the meanwhile, keeping the creativity channel in him open, he continued to write as well as do stage plays. Having arrived on the music scene more than two decades ago and still holding on to his seat, the credit of taking Punjabi music from a regional level to national and then on to the international level absolutely goes to Gurdas Maan! Since he was writing his own lyrics, in one of his plays in his earlier days he was discovered by a TV producer from the Jalandhar TV Station for his song, that went by name of "Dil Da Mamla Hai" The producer thought it worth a TV recording and approached him with the offer. And Gurdas Maan agreed to this, though not before being apprehensive about it at first .The song went on air on the 31st of December for the first time in 1980 and was instantly a hit! His kind of music created quite a stir, and people took an instant liking to him.