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Father, with Melissa Merwin, of daughter Isabel Malina and son Avi Malina.

Latest in a string of actors who appeared in The American President (1995) to join the cast of The West Wing (1999), following Martin Sheen, Nina Siemaszko, Anna Deavere Smith and "President" writer Aaron Sorkin, who had a cameo appearance and later created and is executive producer of "The West Wing". He also later landed a part on Scandal (2012) which centers around the US president.

Avid poker player. Played to pay for rent when he struggled as an actor.

One of the executive producers of the new Bravo series Celebrity Poker Showdown (2003).

1988: Graduated from Yale as a Theater Studies major.

Attended Horace Mann School in Riverdale, New York (Class of '84).

Ex-brother-in-law of The West Wing (1999) cast mate Timothy Busfield. Malina's wife, Melissa Merwin, is the sister of Busfield's wife, Jenny Merwin.

While in the cast of Aaron Sorkin's Broadway play "A Few Good Men," he and Sorkin were members of a bowling league composed of cast and crew from Broadway shows. One night Sorkin bought the team a tray of hamburgers and, while trying to entertain the group, started to choke on a bite of one. Although he did not know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, Malina attempted to perform it on Sorkin, dislodging the burger and breaking three of Sorkin's ribs in the process.

Malina told an audience at the University of Florida that early in his career, he was not allowed to audition for a pizza commercial that took place during Passover, because the casting agents wanted him actually to eat the pizza. He refused, because pizza dough is leavened, rendering it not kosher for Passover. Malina offered to mime eating the pizza instead, but the advertiser's casting agents insisted that he had to eat the pizza or he would not be able to audition.

Came in sixth (out of 1,191 players) in the first event of the 2008 LA Poker Classic at Commerce Casino, for a win of over 11 thousand dollars.

Son of Bob Malina.

Living in Malibu, California with his wife and children. [January 2008]

He is of Polish Jewish and Russian Jewish descent.