Rex Marshall Poster

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Unflappable announcer and program host who began his career in 1937. He was the 'voice' for the Reynolds Aluminum Company for twenty-five years.

In his final decades, his rich voice hosted one of the classiest of local radio shows. He owned a station covering Dartmouth's toney hometown, Hanover, New Hampshire, where Rex hosted "Breakfast at the Hanover Inn," with interviews in the morning "coffee time." It was a great privilege for broadcasters to work for this always sharply dressed, superbly well spoken, tall, elegant gentleman.

Was involved in the start-up of New York television station WPIX (Channel 11) in 1948, and covered the Republican National Convention for the station that year; left after a year to go freelance, then returned in late 1967 to anchor its 10 P.M. newscast, staying in that position until mid-1968.

For "Suspense", sponsoring Auto-Lite wanted him to wear white coveralls during commercials, but he refused. Auto-Lite then ordered a tailored white sport jacket for him costing $150 which was intended to simulate coveralls.

From 1951-1952 on NBC affiliate channel 4 in NYC (then WNBT), he hosted "Time For Adventure", on Sunday Mornings. The show was popular with the younger generation, as it featured western and adventure movie serials from the 1930s including the still rarely seen first sound version of "The Last of the Mohicans" (1932) starring Harry Carey Sr. "Time For Adventure" also aired a rare alternate version of "The Phantom Empire"(1935) where the film's lead character Gene Autry , playing himself, is mysteriously absent from the last several episodes. No explanation was, at that time, given to the viewers. Over the years, In subsequent airings and home video releases, the full Gene Autry version is all that has been seen.