Richard Martini Poster


Writer/director Richard Martini worked as an assistant to Robert Towne after USC Film School. His short "Special Olympian 1979" won the Grand Prize/Mexico City International Film Fest 1980. He wrote "My Champion", followed by Three for the Road (1987). He wrote and directed You Can't Hurry Love (1988) and Limit Up (1989). He scored and directed The Point of Betrayal (1995) and wrote music for, co-wrote and directed Cannes Man (1997). He wrote My Faraway Bride (2006), made documentaries in Morocco (White City Windy City (2007), India (Tibetan Refugee (2004)) and Tibet (Journey Into Tibet (2008)). He created a previsualization process for visualizing a film in preproduction for Amelia (2009) and Salt (2010), where he worked as an Associate to director Phillip Noyce. He wrote, produced, and directed the documentary based on his best selling book Flipside: A Journey Into the Afterlife (2012)

Married, he lives in Santa Monica, California.