Bryan Massey Poster

Trivia (17)

Lived in Costa Rica for a year.

Is fluent in Spanish.

Was elected senior class president of his graduating class.

Is an avid poker player.

Gained over twenty pounds for his role as an alcoholic priest in The Familiar.

Is the oldest of four.

Worked as a knight at Medieval Times.

Performed improvisation comedy at various venues in Los Angeles for two years with "Full Metal Improv." His stage name was "Private Payback.".

Employed as a video editor for several years.

Was once a contestant on the show Love Connection.

Also lived in Philadelphia for six months.

Grandfather was a professional boxer.

Trained under Machado in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Orange County for six months.

Is of Irish/Cherokee descent.

Was a nationally ranked cheerleader.

Played soccer competitively in college.

His daughter has a incurable disease called AVM.