Rod McCall Filmmaker (Director/Writer/Producer) came to the world of Independent Filmmaking by way of architecture, animation, Madison Avenue, and academia. He produced and directed over 300 CLIO Award-winning television commercials for a long list of international blue-chip clients. McCall started in animation, doing work for "Sesame Street," "Electric Company," and "Saturday Night, Live!!" Most recently (2011) McCall completed "Becoming Eduardo," which has won numerous awards at many film festivals both in the States and abroad. "Becoming Eduardo" is story of a young man, who must choose between a life of crime--or poetry. The film is available on I-Tunes, Netflicks, Barnes & Noble through Vanguard Releasing. Before that (2001) he wrote and directed "Bite," a comedy about a young, urban couple's unique way of dealing with the divorce. In 1995 McCall shot "Lewis & Clark & George," a pitch black "Trash Noir" comedy that starred Rose McGowan and Salvator Xuereb. The producer was J. Todd Harris ("Denise Calls Up," "The Kid's Are Alright," "Piranna, 3D" ). The Executive Producer was John Davis ("The Firm", "Waterworld", "Grumpy Old Men"). "Lewis & Clark & George" made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. After making the rounds of numerous domestic and foreign film festivals, the film premiered on Cinemax and HBO, ultimately ending up on on DVD through MDP. McCall's feature film directorial debut, "Paper Hearts" ("Cheatin' Hearts"), starring Kris Kristofferson, Sally Kirkland and James Brolin, also had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It also available on DVD through Lionsgate. McCall has also written for other directors like Zalman King, Luis Puenzo and Ivan Passer. He teaches storyboarding and direction at The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University.