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  • The Cobbler (2014) will always be a very special film to me. I've had a lot of wonderful response from "The Cobbler." I'm not here to defend any of the movies I make, but I can always speak very honestly that will never be diminished by anyone's perspective on it. [2015]
  • So yeah, is it hard when a movie like The Cobbler (2014) doesn't connect critically. I'd never had that experience. But even when I was going through it, I had to have a good perspective about things, and sometimes in those situations I have the ability to go, "Wow, this is really interesting. This has never happened, and it's a really intense feeling." [2015]
  • I can tell you I've taken something from each movie. Even The Cobbler (2014) - which, as you know, wasn't very critically well-received - I loved that movie. I know Spotlight (2015) is better for me having made that movie, because it's the first time I made movies back to back. So I was rolling right into "Spotlight" and I was taking all these lessons, not from the result because you don't learn from the result, but from the process: What did I not do in pre-production, what did I not do in production, what did I do in post and editing. I was rewriting "Spotlight" while I was editing "The Cobbler" and just kind of constantly thinking about it filmically. I knew I could get out of this scene here, I don't need this because I know where I'm going next, and it just makes you sharper. [2015]