Connie Young Poster

Trivia (7)

Won "Best Youth Performer in Utah" at age eleven.

She was once a spokesperson for Marine Products, NextVoice and Bath and Body Works.

Her work with Robert Redford at the Sundance Film Lab has brought her much needed success.

According to "Troll 2" cast members, the dance she does in front of the mirror (what's known to Troll 2 fans as "The Holly Waits Dance") was ad libbed by herself, being that she had cheer-leading experience.

Host of an infomercial for "NordicTrack" fitness machines. [2007]

Co-host, with founder Brad LaTour, of an infomercial for his "JumpSnap" rope-less jump rope. [2007]

She recently became an instructor at And Action! Actors Studio in Salt Lake City. [2002]