Vince McMahon Poster

Quotes (18)

  • In this very ring.
  • I got balls the size of grapefruits!
  • You've got no chance. No chance in hell.
  • Stone Cold [Steve Austin] doesn't have the the testicular fortitude to turn up here tonight.
  • Do not cross the boss!
  • [responding to Paul Wight, aka "The Big Show", who asked him what he thinks the name of his tag team with Monty Sopp, aka "Billy Gunn", should be] I don't care if you call yourself double-trouble crap on a stick.
  • [trying to get the "old" Steve Austin back for Invasion 2001] G Give me a Stunner, damn it! Come back, Austin! Give me a Stunner!
  • [about Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling (WCW) organization, the WWE's main competitor] After he bought WCW, Ted Turner called me and said, "Guess what, Vince, I'm in the 'rasslin' business!" and I said, "That's nice, Ted, I'm in the sports entertainment business".
  • This time if Bob Costas gets in my way, I'm going to forget that he is 4-feet-10 and 120 pounds. I'm just going to consider that he's Hulk Hogan, and when he gets in my face this time, in all likelihood, I will beat the living hell out of him.
  • I believe in the laws of nature. When it's time for me to go, I would like to be devoured by the biggest, baddest carnivore that ever walked the face of the earth. And then, I'd like that son of a ***** to get indigestion and vomit my remains back up.
  • [about his wife, Linda McMahon] But one day she asked me, point-blank, "Are you having an affair with so-and-so?" And I never lied to her: "Yes". It crushed her. Then she asked, "What about such-and-such?" "Yes". It went on. More names. I said, "Yes, yes and yes".
  • You're fired!!!
  • [at the end of each match, as a commentator] Fuhgeddaboutit!
  • What I learned from the XFL experience is to be smarter the next time I take on the NFL.
  • I don't think anybody could have beaten Andr√© the Giant in his prime. He was just so quick, notwithstanding his unbelievable size, strength and intellect.
  • The worst sound in our business is silence. That means they don't care.
  • Giving it to the audience is probably the easiest thing. Finding out what they truly want is probably the most difficult.
  • [When announcing a main event match]In this very ring.