Esteban Mellino was an Argentine actor, creator of "Teacher Lambetain", the intimate personage who made him famous on TV and theater. Mellino was getting out of a jam himself as the director of the "Mellino Group", an initiatory multimedia that was agglutinating radio, publishing, TV and musical projects. The comedian won popularity during years '80, in TV programs like "Badía and Cía.", with his personage Lambetain. In cinema, he took part in films as "Los matamonstruos en la mansión del terror" (1987) and "Tacos altos" (1985). On TV, he was for last time in "You are my life" (Sos mi vida), in 2006. Beyond TV, his career was signed by teaching and theatre. Since 1965 Mellino worked in almost forty theater pieces, like "Salven a Sebastián" (Save Sebastian), "La nube" (The cloud), "Cómo querés que te quiera" (How do you want I love you), "Dalequevá", "Tarado se necesita", "Mellino a cara limpia" (Mellino to clean face), "Fuerte y al medio", "Angeles" (Angels) y "Loco" (Crazy),between other. He made radio and poetry; he composed musical topics for "Alma y Vida", a musical group very known in the '70s, where it was singing his brother Carlos; he was a teacher of actors and founded and productor of several artistic initiatives. Along his extensive career, Mellino obtained the prizes "Estrella de mar" and "Neptune", "The Lennon of the Peace" (1986/87), "The Latin American Prize to the Educational Excellence" (2005).