Appeared in Playboy.

Heather went to Erindale Secondary High School. Heather attended Burroughs High School in Burbank, CA during her 10th and 11th grades, from 1964-1966. She was a member of the Burroughs Speech Club and acted in various Drama Deptartment productions.

Ovarian cancer survivor.

Sister-in-law of Tom Urich.

Children: Ryan Urich (23), Emily (21), and Allison (4), as of April 2002.

She was godmother to the son of Kym Karath, her co-star in The Sound of Music (1965). They had become close friends despite the fact that while filming that movie's rowboat scene, Kym swallowed too much water and threw up on Heather -- Julie Andrews was designated to catch her but Kym fell off the wrong side of the boat and, as a result, Heather had to get Kym.

Met late husband Robert Urich when they appeared together in a Libby's Corned Beef Hash commercial.

Has two grandchildren Michelle (born 2004) and Lana (born 2005). [2005]

Has a production company with her The Sound of Music (1965) co-star Angela Cartwright.

Attended Hollywood High School.

Aunt of Justin Urich.

Lives in California with her 3 children. [April 2002]

Lives in Los Angeles with her youngest daughter Alison. [December 2005]

Distant cousin of The Sound of Music (1965) co-star Angela Cartwright and Ewan McGregor.

She is a distant cousin of her The Sound of Music (1965) co star Charmian Carr. Both are descendants of English Menzies through their fathers.

She is survived by three children and eight grandchildren.

She married actor Robert Urich in 1975. After her husband's death in 2002, she founded the Robert Urich Foundation, which raises funds for cancer research.

Passed away less than a month before Bradford Dillman, whom she starred opposite in Piranha (1978).

Her ashes were given to her son, Ryan Urich.