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Tall, gorgeous blonde who tended to play sexy dumb roles in sketch comedy; best known as Ulla, the ditzy blonde Scandinavian secretary and object of Zero Mostel's fantasies in The Producers (1967).

As of April 2007 was working as a teaching assistant in cosmetology at a Bergen County (NJ) high school. Also runs a dog-sitting business.

As of 2002 was working as a Special Education aide in Bergen County, NJ.

Close friends with Josip Elic. While they had no scenes together in The Producers (1967), they met working in an Off-Broadway, burlesque themed revue titled "A Straightman, a Comic, and a Talking Lady" in 1975. Elic lived with Meredith's family for a time while recovering from a fall.

Attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Worked with author Mickey Spillane in a series of commercials for Miller Lite Beer.