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Trivia (55)

Did all but one of the voices for the "Live Sea Battle" that used to be out front of The Treasure Island hotel/casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The other voice is that of owner Steve Wynn.

Won the Best Actor award for the 48 Hour Film Project. [2006]

Played a Nazi Thug in "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe" in 1980 directed by E.W. Swackhamer and then played Leroy Praskins in "MacShayne" in 1994 which was also directed by the late E.W. (Swack) Swackhamer.

Played opposite Jeff Goldblum in "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe" in 1980 and then was in "Silverado" in 1985 with him.

Played Rosanna Arquettes boyfriend in "The Ordeal of Patty Hearst" in 1979 and then went on to play her husband in "Silverado" in 1985.

Performed the role of "Jack" in the BBC Documentary "Quake" [March 2005]

Just directed and acted in a film for a new interactive Mystery Adventure in Las Vegas. [September 2007]

Won the Best Actor Award for the 48 Hour Film Project. [August 2006]

Co-Stars in "Demon Haunt" a Ted V. Mikels film shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. [April 2007]

Performed at Vegoose (for the 3rd year in a row) as the tipsy Irish Priest at the Wedding Chapel. [October 2007]

Produced and Directed a short film titled "Marked" that has been entered into Cine Vegas. [February 2008]

Produced & Directed "Letters From a Father" for the 48 Hour Film Project. [May 2008]

Working as an on-call actor/artiste to portray the role of Colonel Tom Parker in "Viva Elvis" with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas. [December 2009]

Helped cast the stand-ins for the NHL Awards show at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. [June 2010]

Starred in the 48 Hour Film "Happy Hour" with team ONE BIG CLUSTER FLICK. [July 2010]

Will be startng to shoot "The Indie Pendant" in May 2004 with Vision Dynamics Entertainment [May 2004]

Has a supporting role in an indie feature film called "I.M. Caravaggio". [January 2009]

Helped cast the stand-ins for the "Last Comic Standing" and "Laffapalooza" at Caesars Palace. [November 2008]

Helped cast all of the stand-ins for the ACMAs at the MGM. [April 2009]

Played the role of Hamilton in a filmed video game called "World Hustlers" with Levy Productions, directed by Jeff Lester. [July 2009]

Shot an in-house video with DAV Productions. [July 2009]

Is hosting a talk show called "RAW TV" on UHF channel 35. It's all about the entertainment industry in Las Vegas. [August 2004]

Portrayed "Jack Otis" in the BBC Documentary "Quake" coming soon to a cable channel near you. [2005]

Shot a skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) as the sidekick Jay with Jimmys' real life cousin Sal (as the host) in a 70's spoof of "Let's Make a Deal". [May 2007]

Played the King opposite Queen Bridget Marquardt (Playboy Playmate) and from TV's "Girls Next Door" at the Palms "A Midsummer Nights Dream" party. [August 2008]

Has a co-starring role in an indie feature film called "Hierarchy". [January 2009]

Help cast all of the stand-ins for the Miss USA Pageant. [April 2009]

Worked as a PA on "The Amazing Race" final episode. [August 2009]

Is currently filming "The Indie Pendant" in which he plays the not- so-nice film producer Robert Wynn. [August 2004]

Is co-starring in the film "Buckaroo" with Simon Baker and Lyndsey Wagner which is shooting through May 2005. [2005]

Shot a supporting role in an indie feature film called "Killer Biker Chicks" [October 2008]

Played Cupid at the Palms for a Valentines Day party [February 2009]

"The Indie Pendant" a movie in which he stars, premieres at The Brendan Theatres inside The Palms Hotel. [June 2005]

Plays a supporting role in "Vegasland" and is the on-set dialogue coach for this feature film by Wild Dog Arts. [March 2007]

Played a bellman in a film for a party at the Wynn with Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky. [June 2007]

Helped cast and was one of the stand-ins for the ACMA'S and the Brooks & Dunn special at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. [April 2010]

Performed the role of Colonel Tom Parker in the Cirque Du Soliel production of "Viva Elvis". [May 2010]

Was on the panel (for actors) and filmmakers for the Las Vegas International Film Festival. [June 2010]

Standing-in for Brett Michaels the host of the Miss Universe Pageant at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. [August 2010]

Is finishing up the casting of 'The indie Pendant", a film with Vision Dynamics Entertainment. Shooting is planned to start in Las Vegas in May 2004. [March 2004]

Starred in the 48hour Film project in Las Vegas. [August 2006]

Helped cast a UNLV student film called "Mine is Bigger than Yours" [November 2008]

Is starring in (and helped with casting) an indie short film called "Digging up Demons". [January 2009]

He just shot another commercial for Wendys' "South Western Caesar Salad" that will be out next month. He's also directing a production of That Championship Season. [March 2002]

Has the lead in two short films for "On the Lot" Mnemonic & The Revelation. [February 2007]

Hosts a Film/TV/Stage cast & crew industry networking Wrap Party on the last Thursday of every month at Torino's located at 5570 W. Flamingo (between Decatur & Jones) from 6-9pm. [July 2007]

Played Jonas Grumby aka "The Skipper" from "Gilligan's Island" for a yearly (themed) fund raising party for the Nevada Cancer Institute. [September 2008]

Performed the role of "The Villian" in a Make-A-Wish Foundation video with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and entertainer Terry Fator. [April 2010]

Performed again as Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis' manager) in the Cirque Du Soleil production of "Viva Elvis" in Las Vegas. [August 2010]

He is involved with a Las Vegas based film company called Vision Dynamics that is preparing to start filming "Indie Pendent" this March. From Jan 23rd thru Feb 8th he will be portraying the role of Leslie John Stephenson aka Jack the Ripper in a production of Time After Time at the Summerlin Performing Arts Center. [January 2004]

Co-Starred with Donald (Scrubs) Faison in "The Playbook" for Spike TV. He played 6 different characters in 6 different scenes in the same episode. [March 2006]

Hosted the Addy Awards at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada. [March 2007]

Performed as "The Boss" in a music video called "I Hate My Boss". [March 2010]

RAW Productions just finished shooting the short film "Lucky Night" (a working title) in Las Vegas. [November 2007]

Starred in the multi-award winning 48 Hour film "Flip". [May 2009]