After taking up Taekwondo & Hapkido in his native Australia, martial artist/stuntman and action actor Michael Miller found a steady diet of both American and Asian action movies inspired his training and his eventual relocation to Hong Kong in the early 1990s.

Miller quickly found work as an actor/stuntman making his debut in Tsui Hark's "Once Upon A Time In China 2", where he played the role of an ill-fated doctor taken out by a burning arrow as well as performing background stunts as a British soldier

His other credits include "The Red Wolf", "Robo Kickboxer" for producer Joseph Lai, "The Bodyguard From Beijing", Shannon Lee's "And Now Your Dead", "the Black Sheep Affair" and Tsui Hark's "Knock Off" where he battled Jean Claude Van Damme and performed stunt work in his role as Tickler or the Coughing man

One of the few western members of the Hong Kong Stuntman's Association, he returned to Australia in the late 90s.