Ilias Milonakos was born in Athens in 1941. He attended the "Svensk Film Industry" at Stockholm in 1967. In the mid-60s he started making his first films as a director (he has also worked as an assistant director) which were about the corruption of youth. In 1970 he made Idoni kai ekdikisi (1970) which was followed by a dozen more erotic films. In 1977 Ilias Milonakos directed the movie _Simadi, To (1977)_ which was kind of a "breakthrough" for his directorial career because it was distributed worldwide. After this film, he made 10 more erotic thrillers, most of which were distributed around the world.

His most known film though is _Mavri Emmanouella (1979)_, starring Laura Gemser. 'Joe D'Amato' admitted in an interview (for the Dark Side magazine #78) that after the movie was completed, he shot a few additional scenes with Gemser which were used for this movie. The last 2 movies Milonakos shot on film, Wild Jokes in the Classroom (1983) and I gynaikara ap' to Kilkis (1985) were comedies and they were highly succesfull in the Greek cinemas. After these 2 movies Ilias Milonakos made several comedies, shot on video. Today he is still living in Athens, running his own business, a cafe. He avoids talking about his work as a director.