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Trivia (11)

On 3/30/96 she was attacked and almost killed by a deranged fan while leaving a strip club.

Is certified in treatment of people with drug dependencies.

In 1998, opened the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Center.

She and Sharon Kane are considered to be the two most prolific actresses in the adult business. Between them, they have appeared in over 1,000 productions.

Co-founded the nonprofit Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, which has a $1.4-million annual budget and provides testing for sexually transmitted diseases along with drug and psychological counseling for performers.

Earned a Ph.D. from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, an unaccredited facility that is not recognized by any university or college.

Sued the County of Los Angeles and the District Attoney's office there in 1987, claiming false imprisonment, violation of civil rights and undue harrassment after she was arrested and jailed for three days for refusing to meet secretly with the D.A.'s office after she had been excused for a month from a trial at which she'd been supoenaed to testify, so she could recover from some recent surgery.

In a column in "High Society" magazine, December 1979, she claims that her first adult feature was That Lady from Rio (1976).

Her original first and middle names were Fatima Maria. She later became Sharon Kelly when she was adopted.

Profiled in the book "Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Classic Erotic Cinema, 1968-1985" by Jill C. Nelson.

The "Sharon Mitchell" alias was suggested to her by director Carter Stevens as a variation of his own alias, Steve Mitchell.