The Tokyo born Mizuki Arisa is both an actress and J-pop singer who has done modelling as well as represented corporations in commercials and advertising for their products. Her parents set up a company to support her career, but ended up quarreling and in court. She began her acting career in 1983 at the age of seven and her singing endeavours eight years later in 1991. She began modelling as a child at the age of four. 1991 was the year when she broke through both with the release of her Arisa album and winning the Japan Academy Award for Best Newcomer for Cho Shojo Reiko. She also contributed vocals to a song, Kaze Mo Sora Too Kitto ('Wind Too, Sky Too, Maybe'), for the Sailor Moon anime. Her mother was arrested on drug charges in 2000. Her father was arrested on gambling charges in 2008. She was nominated for Best Actress for her appearance in Bokunchi in 2003. She often starred in and sang songs for the same TV serials. She was associated with successful producer and later fraudster Komuro Tetsuya. Mizuki earned a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2010 as an actress who has starred in television serials for nineteen consecutive years. This record was extended to thirty by 2017. She married construction company president Koji Aoyama in 2015. Mizuki's lineage is Japanese-American. She attended a school associated with Tokyo's Meiji University, but instead of graduating and attending the university ended up dropping out and not finishing high school. She is managed by Vision Factory.