Jack Mower (1890–1965)

Actor | Producer


  • Humphrey Bogart, George Brent, Bruce Mitchell, and Jack Mower in Racket Busters (1938)
  • Leatrice Joy, Jack Mower, and Conrad Nagel in Saturday Night (1922)
  • Noah Beery, Harry Carey, Edward Peil Sr., Ken Cooper, Frankie Darro, Gordon De Main, Greta Granstedt, and Jack Mower in The Devil Horse (1932)
  • John Garfield, Jack Mower, and Bob Perry in They Made Me a Criminal (1939)
  • Walter Brennan, Tim McCoy, Robert Allen, Steve Clark, Max Davidson, Ben Hendricks Jr., Si Jenks, Bert Lindley, J.P. Lockney, Lew Meehan, Jack Mower, Harry Todd, and Guy Usher in Law Beyond the Range (1935)
  • Oscar Apfel, Maurice Costello, Edmund Burns, Francis X. Bushman, Ruth Clifford, Betty Compson, Roy D'Arcy, William Desmond, Mabel Forrest, Tom Kennedy, Mae Marsh, Frank Mayo, Jack Mower, Jack Mulhall, Jane Novak, Pat O'Malley, Esther Ralston, Herbert Rawlinson, Charles Ray, Rosemary Theby, Bryant Washburn, and Freeman Wood in Hollywood Boulevard (1936)

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