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The scene in Doctor Zhivago where she falls under the train was an actual onset accident which badly damaged her legs. Director David Lean kept the scene in and the filming continued.

The actress Lili Murati could launch a successful film career in Hungary in the 30s which she continued in the 40s as well.

Murati remained active as a movie actress till the old age.

After the war Lili Murati and her husband had to flee from their home country because they were threatened by a process for collaboration with Germany. They went to Spain - like in a movie dressed as a nun and a priest - where Lili Murati was able to gain a foothold as a stage actress.

It lasted till 1964 before she appeared again in movies, among them "Playa de Formentor" (1964) and "Escala en Tenerife" (1964).

Lili Murati was married with the director and writer Johann von Vasary.

Thanks to her success in Hungary she became also well-known in Germany and finally she got a role in the movie "Was geschah in dieser Nacht" (41) directed by Theo Lingen with Lucie Englisch, Karl Ludwig Diehl and Irene von Meyendorff.

Her international most famous movie - although she only impersonated a small role - was "Dr. Zhivago" (1965). But it was not her appearance which hit the front page but her accident during the shooting. When she had to jump to a starting train in front of a running camera she fell and got hurt. The studio announced afterwards that an actress got hurt during this shooting seriously and even lost her leg in order to stimulate the propaganda machinery even more. Luckily Lili Murati got only slightly injured in reality.