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Trivia (8)

Son of Paul Newman and Jackie Witte.

Older half-brother of actresses Melissa Newman, Claire Newman and Nell Potts (Elinor Newman). He also had two younger sisters, namely Stephanie Newman and Susan Kendall Newman.

Stepson of Joanne Woodward.

His dad Paul Newman helped get him a small role as a nervous fireman in the Irwin Allen disaster film The Towering Inferno (1974) but his scenes were primarily with Paul's co-star Steve McQueen (who played the fire chief), and his major scene of dialogue was with actor Felton Perry in a firetruck on the way to the building.

Was cast in a small role The Great Waldo Pepper (1975) starring his father's friend Robert Redford. An experienced skydiver, Scott was also an aviator stuntman in the film.

In memory of Scott, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward launched the Scott Newman Foundation at the University of Southern California. His sister Susan was in charge of the foundation whose goal was to alert grammar school age children of the danger of drugs.

Died from an overdose of Valium, Darvon, Quaaludes and cocaine.

His biggest role was in the train-set Western, Breakheart Pass (starring Charles Bronson), as a very lucky young soldier named Rafferty.