Born and raised in New Jersey, Patrick was drawn to the stage from an early age. He was involved in all the school plays and as a senior toured with a professional improv troupe within the New York Tri-State area.

Through the years Patrick auditioned for countless indie projects, landing some theater but mostly finding success in low/no budget films cast as a lead or principal. A couple of which found notoriety; The Pretty Girl (2002) which he narrated, and the horror feature Header (2006) (based on the novella by Edward Lee) in which he played the role of Dutch.

In 2004 Patrick's inherent love for words drove him to a self-taught writing career and his first spec screenplay 'Edgewater' - a crime/thriller. Out of the gate he won first place (for film noir) with Fade In Awards, and continued to place in various other competitions. This led to multiple screenwriting projects over the years.

Patrick continues to write and indulge his fascination with the process.