Genia Nikolaieva Poster

Trivia (9)

She imigrated to the United States in 1938. She became one of the most beautiful studio secretaries for Warner Bros.

Born in Russia and trained in Berlin, she became a professional ballet dancer in 1920. She performed in Germany and England, as well as touring South America. Her first acting roles were in a 1930 revue at the Staatstheater and, on screen, in the musical comedy Zwei Krawatten (1930). She left Germany in 1938, due to her half-Jewish background.

In 1920 she had her first professional dance performance. She continued her dance career at the Stadttheater Königsberg and finally she danced in the ensemble of Ernst Matray.

She decided in 1938 to emigrate to the USA where she took part in three movies. After that she finished her active film career and worked as a secretary for Warner Bros.

She made her first acting experiences in 1930 with the revue "Alles Schwindel", it followed engagements at the Staatstheater and in different operettas and revues.

Her departure from Germany seemed to be planned very well, even one year after her leave the officials of Germany were not aware that she was no longer in their country and they issued a special permit in 1939 for her to work as an actress in Germany.

The carrying on of her activity were made difficult because of the now asked Aryan certificate. For the present propaganda minister Goebbels spoke up for her and pinned the half-Jewess officially as "northern". Still bigger parts stopped.

Her parents moved to Berlin where she took ballet lessons.

In 1937, she married the film editor Carl Forcht.