Trivia (7)

Erna Nitter continued her stage career in Hamburg after World War II where she was playing till 1984 and she became one of the oldest active stage actress at the age of 94.

Erna Nitter joined the film business very early and her first appearances in front of the camera came already in 1911.

As an adult her engagements led her to Dresden Hannover and even to New York. In later years she concentrated her stage career to Berlin where she remained active till 1945.

Erna Nitter also remained active in film business till to the old age.

The actress Erna Nitter already made first experiences as a stage actress as a child in 1898.

It lasted nearly 25 years before she took part again in a movie called "Die goldene Maske" (39). But this was her only film appearance for many years again.

She returned to the film business from the 50s but this time she appeared regular in feature movies and TV productions.