Mike Nyman Poster


Mike Nyman (aka Michael Robert Nyman or Michael Nyman) has been an actor since the age of twenty-two. The athletic Long Beach, Ca. native is familiar with all aspects of acting...film, television, theatre, improv, background work, producing, directing, and casting. In his acting he ranges from handsome leading man to extreme character actor. He has studied under the late character actor/coach Cliff Osmond, the late character actor/coach Jeff Conaway, character actor/coach Doug Warhit, Yale Theatre Arts graduate/coach Gregory Berger-Sobeck ("The Berg"), and Circus Theatricals director Jack Stehlin. Mike performed with The Zeitgeist Theatre Company for five years, then formed The First Stage Alert Theatre Company with friend and fellow actor Lonnie Schuyler. He produced the 35mm feature film "Bottom Feeders"(1997) with Lonnie who wrote and directed the film. They used most of the actors from First Stage Alert to be in the film. Mike was also featured in the Johnny Depp film "Blow", but like Kevin Costner in "The Big Chill", ended up on the cutting room floor. As of 2022, he is still active in the business.