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Quotes (4)

  • You don't always have to have long blonde hair and big huge knockers to be nice!
  • (on Adele) She's a voice and she's classic. Like the fact that she doesn't peel them off, 'cause all the other broads are like 'here's me bum' and whatever. I find it kind of aggravating 'cause I always think 'Just 'cause we're women, why do have to have our boobs and butt hanging out?'
  • It's fun and games for a while, but then you're burned out and it's 'Can we turn it off?' But you can't and when you want to go back to normalcy, that's impossible. In 1997 we took time off and that's when Oasis broke and Princess Diana died and I was home with my baby, hating the music industry. People asked me what I thought about the Spice Girls and I was so happy to tell them I couldn't be bothered to care.
  • You get older and come to the conclusion that it's a great gig making music. Even if you turn into an old gnarly fart, no one cares what you look like if you write good songs. The only gig is to sing well and perform.