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Is a popular J-pop singer. Ai Orikasa's first name, "Ai" is Japanese for "Love".

Is best known as the Japanese voice of space pirate, Ryoko Hakubi, from popular anime series "Tenchi Muyo!"

Has sung various songs from the series such as "Forevermore", "The Lonely Moon", and "Up Walk In Galaxy". All in Japanese.

Has released albums in Japan.

Works for Production Baobab

Albums she's released are titled: Moonlight Cafe, Room Service, Mitsumete, I, and Truth.

Ai does songs for Gundamn Wing, titled "Brave Eyes", "I'm Your Friend", and "Star Gaze." All three songs are in Japanese.

Ai sings her characters' song from anime series such as "Renai no Jikuu" by Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!), "Brave Eyes" by Quarte Rabera Winner (Gundam Wing), and others.