Romano Orzari Poster


Born and raised in a working class family and neighborhood that would grow to become a middle class community, Romano was the only member of his family to attend college. Initially studying aeronautical engineering. After one year he switched this curriculum to the fine arts and filmmaking studies due to having a visceral reaction to the films, "City Lights" by Charlie Chaplin and "The Exterminating Angel" by Luis Bunuel. These formative years ended by a mutual discord with the college, but the newly found liberty allowed him to explore other self-expressions. Mostly through an explosively and fear shedding growth spurt as the frontman for an alternative, post-punk band called the Pubic Beards. This practical contact would eventually help to funnel his energies into a variety of theatrical and film performances that would hone his acting skills, feed his mind and fill his belly. Unfortunately a scarring and near death collision, very soon after the 1991 Cannes Film Festival, where he was invited to represent in competition the film "Bix" (professionally debuting in the role as Jazz great Hoagy Carmichael), all of his artistic growth would come to a full and complete stop. The subsequent hospitalization and struggle that ensued, would slowly force upon him the need to desperately find his road of repair. He fanned within himself what little there was left to ignite for the independent film "Burnt Eden". It paid off. Romano's very honest and searing performance in the film would be honored with The Yves Montand Best Actor Award at the 1998 Kiev International Film Festival. Soon after he was also nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Role at the following events: The 1999 Gemini Awards and the 2000 Gala Metro Star Awards, both for the critically and highly acclaimed TV Series "Omertà", in which he also performed speaking in four different languages. Further nominations included the 2006 ACTRA Award in a supporting role for "Baby For Sale" and the 2007 Minesota SMMASH Film Festival's Best Male Actor category for "The Overlookers".

Romano's official theatre training had begun at a workshop in Montreal with Joe Dowling, long standing Artistic Director of the Guthrie Theatre and formerly of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. Upon completing these studies, he chose to move to New York City due to the steeped theatrical traditions and the influential actors and teachers that had emerged from this great City. By doing right to pay the bills, he learned how to be a bike messenger, construction worker and a bartender. Thankfully for the rest of us, not all at the same time... He collectively dedicated a total of five years in theatre training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, intensive workshops with Ron Stetson in the Sanford Meisner Technique at Stetson Studios and another full workshop with Group Theatre alumni Bobby Lewis. Though it was most importantly a three year tenure at the Stella Adler Theatre Conservatory that truly nailed it for Romano. Solidifying it with his graduating year under the overall guidance of the legendary teacher herself. The three year program included other fine teachers such as Alice Winston, Jimmy Tripp and Casey Keziah. The latter being the one who opened the door for Romano to the truths of Shakespeare. All the numerous projects that have followed, working alongside some of the biggest and genuine names in the industry, has sincerely rooted within Romano an appreciation for the authentic collective experience. Though he started alone, the hard work has confirmed that one is never truly singular when creating the beauty and magic of storytelling. Along with never forgetting his blue-collar roots and his definitive driving voice of conviction and courage which fuels fighting tooth and nail in defending the truths of the characters embodied. This fundamental and honest approach continues to entrench what it means to be a journeyman actor... Hopefully for many more years to come.