Per Oscarsson Poster

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Has a twin brother

Father of Boman Oscarsson and Tatiana Oscarsson.

One of Sweden's most respected and commanding actors, also on Scandinavian stage, TV and film.

Won the Cannes Film Festival and National Society of Film Critic's award for Hunger (1966).

26 December 1966 Caused a stir when he surprised everyone by undressing (down to his underpants) on the highly popular Swedish TV talk show Hylands hörna (1962) hosted by Lennart Hyland.

Has been writing (and re-writing) his memoirs for at least 10 years.

After a sensational theater premiere (Hamlet), Oscarsson left Stockholm in the middle of the night. After some days he was found in Oslo, Norway having walked long distances by foot, living on roots, berries and edible flowers.

Had a little farm outside Skara, Västergötland, Sweden.