Emily Perkins Poster

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Enjoys painting and making sculptures.

Graduate of UBC (University of British Columbia).

Middle child of three children, has a sister who is a year younger than her.

Raising (and currently in the process of adopting) her two cousins, age 10 and 13, because their birth parents are unable to care for them.

Announced the winner of the "Viewer's Fan Choice Horror Villian" on the 2nd Annual Spacey Awards on April 18, 2004.

Friends with Laura Harris, whom she met at drama school in Vancouver.

Loves Woody Allen movies. Likes actresses Fairuza Balk and Kathy Bates. Favourite American singer is Billie Holiday.

Shares a birthday with Ben Heller with whom she co-starred in Stephen King's It (1990). They were both born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Nicholas Hamilton, of It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019), shares the same birth date, May 4.

Both Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle (her co-star in the Ginger Snaps (2000) movies) have guest starred on Supernatural (2005) and The X-Files (1993); but in different episodes.

In addition to the Ginger Snaps movie series, Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle have played sisters in Another Cinderella Story (2008).

Currently teaching Acting at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. [September 2005]

Currently back in Vancouver raising her 8 month old child. [February 2007]

Her husband, Ernest Mathijs, is a film professor at the University of British Columbia. They met in 2005 at a film festival, where he was researching a book on cult films that included the "Ginger Snaps" trilogy, in which Emily starred.