Marijke Pinoy Poster


Marijke Pinoy is a Belgian actress.

Upon graduating from the Gent Conservatory she was granted the 'First Prize for Dramatic Arts'. After graduating she took part in international workshops to broaden her experiences.

Marijke Pinoy is a very well known theatre actress with a broad oeuvre. She's performed in productions by such companies as Arca, De Korrekelder, De Werf, NTG, Theater Malpertuis, Reizend Volkstheater, Pantarei, TV Ceremonia, Theater Zuidpool,... In theatre she's also active as a director. In 2000 she was awarded with the Velinx Audience award for Bouche B.

Apart from her work on stage Marijke also enjoys being in front of the camera. She's worked with renowned Belgian directors such as Stijn Coninx, Frank Van Passel, Jan Matthys, Geoffrey Enthoven, Nic Balthazar and Dimitri Karakatsanis.

She starred in various movies such as Het gezin van Paemel (1986), De zevende hemel (1993), Man van Staal (1999), Buitenspel (2005), Een ander zijn geluk (2005). She co-starred with Nand Buyl in Vidange Perdue (2006) by Geoffrey Enthoven, played a main character in in Ben X (2007), Nic Balthazar's debut and starred in Small Gods (2008) by Dimitri Karakatsanis. She plays the lead character in Of Cats & Women (2007) by Jonas Govaerts, a short about a woman who can't accept her separating and revenges on her ex-husband's cat. Marijke also starred in some French co-productions such as Au Cul du Loup (2011) by Pierre Duculot and Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante (2011) by Philippe de Pierpont. In The Netherlands Marijke played the lead in the made-for-television film Onder Invloed (2013) and in 2014 she has been shooting for for Ketamine, to be released at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht later this year.

Over the years Marijke Pinoy has been a part of many TV series, making guest appearances as well as playing main characters. In De Smaak van De Keyser (aka: The Emperor of Taste) by Frank Van Passel and Jan Matthys, she played one of the main characters. In 2012 she starred in Red Sonja, next to other renowned Belgian actors such as Sien Eggers, Stefaan Degand and Evelien Bosmans. In 2014 Marijke Pinoy was back on television as Suzanne Pelckmans in In Flanders Fields, a WWI drama-series directed by Jan Matthys.

Marijke has also been shooting for the international drama-series The Team, starring Lars Mikkelsen and Veerle Baetens, which will probably air by the end of this year.

Marijke's mother tongue is Flemish, but she's also very comfortable performing in both French and English.