Wesley Pipes Poster


A notable black performer known by many names during his time in the adult film game, such as Jesse Outlaw, Wesely Pipes, Cousin Wesley, Wesley P. Ghettochild, Ghetto Child, Wesley P. Ghetto Child, Westley Pipes, it is needless to say there is only one Wesley Pipes. He made his way into the adult film industry in 1998. Contrary to his hard, "ghetto"-looking exterior, Wesley is better known for his stylized "'hood commentary" during his scenes and is perhaps the most vocal when performing on camera. His work includes mostly gang bang scenes involving interracial themes often with a theme or plot line of an unsuspecting white starlet having her first encounter with a black man or group of black men. Other scenes he has appeared in involve him upstaging a "husband" or "boyfriend" by proving himself to be a better-quality "lover" to the girl than the cuckolded man is. Because of his vocal performances and sexual enthusiasm during his scenes, Wesley has established a fan base.