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Quotes (8)

  • I don't sit around and wait for great parts. I'm an actress, and I love being one, and I'll probably be doing it until I'm 72, standing around the back lot doing Gunsmoke (1955).
  • [on her "girl next door" image] "When Warren Beatty called a girl up, it was usually to try to get her into the sack. But he called me to find out what kind of bologna I used. I just don't have what it takes, I guess. Raquel Welch has what it takes. She's so sexy and gorgeous, even I want to jump on her!
  • I'm an actress, and that's why I'm still here. Anybody who has the illusion that you can have a career as long as I have and be a star is kidding themselves. (From a 1999 interview)
  • David Janssen was one of the great loves of my life.
  • [on David Janssen] Our love for each other grew out of friendship, you know, and then love, and then friendship again, and loving friends.
  • I've never liked being single. I like to have a man around to wait on.
  • [September 2007] This has been so ludicrous. First, I get cancer. Tom gets sick. Then Tom dies, and I keep getting sick.
  • I have a great range. They can come to me with a comedy, a drama, a period piece, a character piece and know I can do it. And I bring in the ratings. I have the ability to bring a script to its full potential.