Sally Quinn Poster

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Career journalist, print and TV.

She met Benjamin C. Bradlee when she was a reporter at the Washington Post and he was Executive Editor. Although he was much older, she began sending him Anonymous love notes. After she had left the Post, they lived together for some years in the Watergate building. He told a reporter in 1973 that only way they would get married would be if a Polish pope was elected. When this "absurd" idea came true, they got married four days later.

In 1979, bought the house featured in the documentary Grey Gardens (1975), from Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale. The pair completely re-did the house, but they only stay there in the month of August. During the rest of the year, the home is occupied by Frances Hayward.

(April 19, 2005) Quinn and husband Benjamin C. Bradlee were "roasted" by the American Newswomen's Club in Washington D.C. In attendance were Bob Woodward and Elsa Walsh, James Carville and Mary Matalin, Chris Matthews and Kathleen Matthews, George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth, and Richard Cohen, Al Hunt, and Judy Woodruff. Chris Matthews described Quinn as a woman who "used a typewriter like an Uzi".

Daughter of Lt. General William Wilson "Buffalo Bill" Quinn (November 1, 1907-September 11, 2000) and his wife Sara Bette Williams (January 27, 1918-September 26, 2004). Both are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Has a younger sister, Donna, and a younger brother, William Quinn Jr.

Stepmother of Ben Bradlee Jr..

Graduated from Smith College in 1963.

Editor-in-chief/co-founder of the Washington Post's religion feature, "On Faith".

The Washington Post religion correspondent.

Mother of son, Josiah Quinn Croninshield Bradlee (born in 1982) of Washington D.C. and mother-in-law of Pary Anbaz-Williamson (born in 1977) of Washington D.C.

Release of her book, "Happy Endings". [1991]

Washington D.C. [October 2010]

Release of her book, "Regrets Only". [1986]

One son Quinn Bradlee with Benjamin C. Bradlee.