Mustafa Qureshi is a Pakistani film actor. He mainly used to work in Punjabi films, and these films gave him a huge amount of success and fame. Qureshi started his professional career working for Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad, in the early 1960s. One day he went to see the shooting of the film Aag Ka Darya (1966) and was spotted by cameraman and future film director Raza Mir and asked to act as a villain in his upcoming film Laakhon Mein Ek (1967). Qureshi initially could not see himself becoming an actor, So he had to be convinced by Mir. Eventually Qureshi agreed to do the film. As of 2016, his film career has spanned 45 years. His most popular role was as the villain Noori Nat, in the film Maulajut. He became an icon after that role, and went on to do several similar roles later on.[3]His first movie was Lakhon Mei Aik, released in the early 1970s. He was a villain. Some of his movies include Hong Kong Ke Sholay, Nag Devta, Angaray, Soha Jora, Hitlar, Basanti, Suhagan, Chief Sahib, Mummy, Jeeva, Loha, Shadmani, Aag hi Aag, Choron Ka Baadshah and Jeedar. Apart from acting, Mustafa is also a very vocal supporter of the Pakistan People's Party. He has also worked personally with the late Benazir Bhutto. Having enjoyed success on almost all fronts, it can be safely said that Mustafa Qureshi was one of the legends of the Pakistani cinema.