Ilmar Raag Poster


Estonian film director, screenwriter, media executive and columnist Ilmar Raag was born in Kuressaare, Estonia. He grew up in Kuressaare and also graduated high school there. In 1997 he graduated University of Tartu. 1996-1998 he was hosting a film news program on Estonian National Television. 1999 he received M.A. degree in screen writing from Ohio University. After that he find himself working in TV management and in 2002-2005 he served as CEO of Estonian National Television (ETV). In 2005 he directed television movie August 1991 (2005) and also wrote screenplay for another TV movie. In 2007 Raag made his feature film debut with critically acclaimed film The Class (2007). In 2008 he adapted screenplay from a Sass Henno's novel for I Was Here (2008).

In 2009-2010, Estonian Television decided to produce a spin off series to "Klass". Raag didn't write the script, but he shot two episodes of the series. In 2011 he shot a film in France under the umbrella of TS Production - "Une Estonienne à Paris" with Jeanne Moreau as leading lady. The film was released a year later.