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Her husband is Deepak Seth, a Punjabi actor & producer, with whom she has two teenage sons. She and her husband produced a Punjabi film together "Mein Tuun Assin Tussin" (2007), based on the William Shakespeare play "Comedy of Errors.".

She shares her birthday (January 6) with Howard Hughes.

She became well-known to Bollywood audiences when she starred in the hit Hindi films "Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Baye" (1977) and "Aasha" (1980), the latter earned her the Filmfare Nomination as Best Supporting Actress.

She graduated from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune in 1975.

She is originally from Andhra Pradesh, which is a state in South India.

Has two sons. Elder one name is Bhaskara Pratap Seth . The younger one was born in 1992. His name is Surya Prem Seth.

In 1982, Deepak Seth and Rameshwari had planned a film titled "Top Secret". They clashed with director Sudesh Issar over the rights to the title. Deepak later shelved his film and Top Secret was later titled "Bhai Ka Dushman Bhai".

Starred in the shelved film "Andhere Ujaale" (1981) Starring Girish Karnad,Rameshwari.