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He appeared (albeit in non sex roles) in several hardcore loops made in the mid to late seventies including `Bustman's Holiday' and `Arabian Nights', the latter also featured Reid's 'Queen of the Blues' co-star Rosemary England.

Gigantic British professional wrestler (using the name "The Mighty Chang") born in India who later turned to menacing the good guys in spy films and fantasy adventures, known for his imposing glare and Fu Manchu moustache.

Born to a Scottish father and Mongolian mother.

As professional wrestler in India, he was known as "The Mighty Chang".

His son, also called Milton Rutherford Reid, was born in 1941 and worked as a film extra in his teens.

Crusher Mason also wrestled as "Mighty Chang," not to be confused with "Mighty Chang" Milton Reid - who was a completely different person..

Bares a striking resemblance to Bollywood actor Razzak Khan of Ikke Pe Ikka fame. Not to confused with comic actor Razak Khan of the same name.

Grandson named Ian Reid.

Professional wrestlers'Dangerous' Danny Lynch and Crusher Mason and Ox Baker all have a striking resemblance to Milton Reid "The Mighty Chang".