Rosalinda is an actress singer and performer with a long trajectory in the show business. She started her career as a Pop singer recording her first album with Columbia records. Her first album featured two hits called, "El Principe" and "Como se cambia." As a singer, she travels throughout Mexico sharing stages with Mexican nationally acclaimed singers and artists including Vicente Fernandez, Jose Jose, Juan Gabriel, Emmanuel, Marco Antonio Muniz and many more. She started in the film industry as an actress and played major roles in many movies. "Open Fire" was her first English-speaking role and co-starred with David Carradine. In another movie "La Quebradita" she sang and recorded the entire sound track of the film. Rosalinda transitioned successfully form acting and singing to the production of movies. As co-owner of Proda Films, she produced four movies. At present she is involved in different movie projects as an actress and Executive Producer.