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Print Biographies (2)

William K. Everson. The Films of Hal Roach. New York: 1971. ISBN 0870705598
Craig Calman _. 100 Years of Brodies With Hal Roach, The Jaunty Journeys of a Hollywood Motion Picture and Television Pioneer. Albany: BearManor Media, 2014. ISBN 1593935773

Portrayals (3)

Articles (55)

Classic Images (US) September 1997, Iss. 267, pg. 26-40, by: Richard M. Roberts, "Their Gangs; A Look at the Our Gang Spinoff Comedies of the 1920s"
Classic Images (US) September 1997, pg. 26-40, "Their Gangs; A Look at the Our Gang Spinoff Comedies of the 1920s"
Films in Review (US) December 1993, Vol. XLIV, Iss. 11/12, pg. 394 - 406, by: Kevin Lewis, "Hal Roach Part 2"
Films in Review (US) October 1993, Vol. XLIV, Iss. 9/10, pg. 290 - 301, by: Kevin Lewis, "Hal Roach: Part 1"
Cinema (HU) December 1992, Iss. 13, pg. 43, "A burleszk atyja"
New York Post (US) November 3 1992, pg. 2:1, "'Rascals' Creator Hal Roach Dies at 100"
New York Times (US) November 3 1992, pg. B8:1, by: Peter B. Flint, "Hal Roach Is Dead at 100; A Pioneer in Film Comedy"
Classic Images (US) March 1992, Iss. 201, pg. 4, "Centenarian Hal Roach Tours Berlin Studio, Too Tired to Take Award"
New York Times (US) September 1 1942, pg. 23:4, "[Major] Hal Roach Takes Bride; 'Our Gang' Comedy Originator Marries Miss Lucille Prin"
Moving Picture World (US) December 24 1927, pg. 23, "Hal Roach Supports Contest to Find 'Our Gang' Member"
Cinema Art (US) December 1927, pg. 20, 49, by: Nicholas Niles, "Hal Roach of 'Our Gang' Fame"
Moving Picture World (US) November 26 1927, pg. 8, "Roach-West Coast Tie-Up for 'Gang' Talent"
Moving Picture World (US) October 8 1927, pg. 368, 371, ill, "Hal Roach Dissects Vote on 'Presentations"
Moving Picture World (US) September 24 1927, pg. 217-18, "Big Box Office Names to Adorn Billings of Roach Two-Reelers"
Moving Picture World (US) May 7 1927, pg. 23, "Roach Changes Short Subject Theatre Plans"
Moving Picture World (US) March 5 1927, pg. 33, "Roach Tells of News Reel Plan for Mr. Hearst"
Moving Picture World (US) January 29 1927, pg. 355, "Reincorporation by Roach Adds Power to Strong Unit"
Moving Picture World (US) December 4 1926, pg. 337, "Roach Admits He Desires D.W. Griffith"
Moving Picture World (US) November 6 1926, pg. 22-24, "Hal Roach Describes Short Subject Theatre"
Moving Picture World (US) October 30 1926, pg. 3, "Roach Remodels"
Moving Picture World (US) October 30 1926, pg. 539, "'Drop in Houses' for the Cities"
Moving Picture World (US) July 31 1926, pg. 299, "Roach to Open Location Camp"
Moving Picture World (US) May 29 1926, pg. 413, ill, "Hal Roach Discusses Comedy Production"
Moving Picture World (US) April 3 1926, pg. 352, by: Hal Roach, "The New Trend in Short Comedies"
Moving Picture World (US) February 20 1926, pg. 707, "Roach on Way Home"
Moving Picture World (US) January 30 1926, pg. 475, "At Last--Here's Something New in Pictures"
Moving Picture World (US) January 9 1926, pg. 173, ill, by: Hal Roach, "A New Day a New Policy"
Moving Picture World (US) June 6 1925, pg. 689, "Don't Crowd, Girls"
Moving Picture World (US) April 18 1925, pg. 682, ill, "Mack Sennett Perfects 1925-'26 Plans; Harold Roach's Huge Program for Pathé"
Moving Picture World (US) April 4 1925, pg. 444, "New Harold Roach-Pathé Contract Involves $15,000,000 in Pictures"
Movie Weekly (US) November 1 1924, pg. 3-4, 28-29, by: Annie Hamilton Donnell, "Our Gang; A Story About the Smallest Private School in the World"
Moving Picture World (US) July 12 1924, pg. 124, "Roach to Cruise"
Moving Picture World (US) November 17 1923, pg. 321, "Hal Roach to Amplify Pathe's Feature Production Activities"
Moving Picture World (US) October 20 1923, pg. 685, "Roach Broadcasts His Opinions [WOR Radio, 12 Sept 1923]"
Moving Picture World (US) September 8 1923, pg. 182, "Hal Roach's Ninth Year with Pathé"
Moving Picture World (US) August 18 1923, pg. 548, "Roach Joins Hays"
Moving Picture World (US) August 11 1923, pg. 465, "Pathé Confirms Report [Scool for Directors]"
Moving Picture World (US) July 7 1923, pg. 52, "Lloyd and Roach Terminate Relations in a Friendly Way"
Moving Picture World (US) March 17 1923, pg. 308, "Roach Buys Film Ranch to Meet Demand for More Studio Space"
Moving Picture World (US) June 17 1922, pg. 619, "Hal Roach Calls Forces Together; Emphasizes Cleanliness in Films"
Moving Picture World (US) April 8 1922, pg. 619, "Hal Roach Studios to Devote All Their Time to Comedies"
Moving Picture World (US) February 18 1922, pg. 724, "Pathé Signs for Three Year Output of Hal Roach Studios"
Moving Picture World (US) January 14 1922, pg. 155, "Roach Pays Brunet Annual Visit; Says Studio Resources Utilized to Limit to Keep Pace with Pathé Distribution"
Moving Picture World (US) May 7 1921, pg. 51, "Hal E. Roach Invests Large Amount in Studios to Meet Growing Business Needs"
Moving Picture World (US) July 3 1920, pg. 67, "Harold Lloyd Becomes Associated Star; Pathé Continues as Releasing Agency"
Moving Picture World (US) April 10 1920, pg. 277, "Hal Roach Receives Many Wires Praising New Harold Lloyd Comedy, 'Haunted Spooks'"
Moving Picture World (US) September 6 1919, pg. 1449, "Harold Lloyd, Comedian, Injured by Explosion of Property Bomb"
Moving Picture World (US) April 26 1919, pg. 495, "Hal Roach in New York"
Moving Picture World (US) June 15 1918, pg. 1572, "Hal Roach Returns to West Coast"
Moving Picture World (US) June 8 1918, pg. 1409, "Hal Roach in New York"
Moving Picture World (US) May 4 1918, pg. 681, "Hal Roach Buys Whiting's Interest in Rolin"
Moving Picture World (US) February 23 1918, pg. 1121, "Hal Roach in New York"
Moving Picture World (US) September 22 1917, pg. 1838, "Hal Roach in New York"
Moving Picture World (US) June 2 1917, pg. 1426, "Rolin Company's Rise"
Moving Picture World (US) November 25 1916, pg. 1173, "Hal Roach of Rolin Married"

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