After an economic education he worked for some years as a clerk before he came into the theater business. He grew up in Laksevåg near Bergen, but was born on an islet called Haugsholmen in Møre & Romsdal county. His father who was a skipper, died early, but his mother who worked as a teacher became an old lady.(died 1967)

Rogde was reading for the stage by himself, and with some guidance from the actor Hans Stormoen. In 1937 Rogde had his stage debut in Trondheim under the charismatic actor/manager Henry Gleditch.

Later he became a popular member of the Norwegian Travelling Theater, people knew him everywhere the company appeared.He was a modern jester, telling jokes and stories, always surrounded by friends and colleagues.

Among his many great roles, he will be best remembered for his portrayal of the drunk farmer Jeppe in Holberg's classical comedy: "Jeppe på berget". But he also played evil characters; like the captain in Strindberg's "The Dance of Death", and as Didrik in the dark play: "Medmenneske" of the Norwegian writer Olav Duun.

On Television he also made two memorable performances; as the powerful tradesman Mack in Hamsun's: "Benoni and Rosa", and as the curious pensioner Brockman in two cases of the "Helmer & Sigurdson" series. In films he was mostly seen in small parts, except from a leading role in Edith Carlmar's film debut: "Death is a Caress", from 1949.

Rogde was married to the actress Siri Rom, but they broke up their marriage around 1960.