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Trivia (9)

Was once a professional race car driver and boxer. Although he was married, he never had any children.

Was the original choice for the role of Major Templeton in the segment "Sanatorium" of the film Trio (1950). Ironically, he was diagnosed with the very disease, tuberculosis, which was the background to the story and lost almost a year's work at a critical point in his career. He also lost out on a role in The Egyptian.

Is most famous for the role of Andre Toulon in the Puppet Master (1989) sequels Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991), Puppet Master 4 (1993), Puppet Master 5 (1994) and Retro Puppet Master (1999). Rolfe also appears in Puppet Master: The Legacy (2003) in archive footage taken from previous installments.

He was a direct descendant of John Rolfe, the man who married Pocahontas in 1614.

Lived in Spain for many years.

He appeared with first wife, actress Jane Aird in the film Dance Little Lady (1954).

Holds the record of being in more Puppet Master films than any other actor.

Guy Rolfe also happens to have played a member of his own ancestral family. Specifically Prince John as the Rolfe line traces back through the Ross Clan of Scotland and includes William the Conquerer and the family of Prince John among many other notable members of the royalty back through Charlemagne reportedly to Julius Caesar.

Guy Rolfe was also cousin of James W. Anderson III, who also has in several films, and cast to play another joint family member, William the Conqueror. They never met each other however.