In 1980 Normand Rompré enrolled in the Film Animation program at Concordia University. Two years later and before the completion of his degree, Norm is recruited as animation camera operator by Michael Mills Productions. This job allowed him to acquire an expertise in cinematography and put in good use the teachings learned at Concordia. He will complete his degree in 1986.

The same year, noticing that the program lacked a course in animation cinematography, Normand proposed and wrote the course; "Technical Aspect of Film Animation". He will teach this course from 1987 until 1996. At the same time he is freelancing for companies such as: Crawley's Animation, Cinar, Pascal Blais Productions and Ciné-Groupe.

Norm left Montreal in 1996, scooped up by MTV Animation, as visual effects supervisor in New-York then as VFX supervisor and camera quality check in Seoul on the hit feature: "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America".

1997 comes along and he returns to the Far-East, in P.R. of China this time, as animation supervisor on the France-Canada co-production: "Papyrus".

Back in Montreal, Normand met François Pérusse and became director of "Le JourNul" and "Le Spécial du Peuple". These two productions will be rewarded with a Gémeaux (Québec's Gemini) for the best animated TV special or series (1999 and 2000).

For the next three years, Norm returns to teaching at ICARI then, in 2003, leaves for Frankfurt Germany for Cité-Amérique as assistant director on the stop-motion "Dragon". The following year he is slated as storyboard director and animatic editor for the same series.

He would work on another MTV production at Cuppa Coffee as animation director on "Celebrity Death Match".

Normand also taught animation at Campus Ubisoft and is teaching scriptwriting and storyboarding at College Bois-de-Boulogne.

Over the years, Norm also laid out many schedules and their related budgets for a number of producers and help them manage those productions as line producer.