Maurice Ronet Poster

Trivia (10)

Studied at the Paris Conservatoire and made his stage debut at age 20.

One of his mentors was actor Jean-Louis Barrault.

Popular smooth and slick French leading man of the 1950s and 1960s who played continental lover types and appeared with such top-notch directors as Louis Malle and Claude Chabrol.

Directed two films - The Thief of Tibadabo (1965) and Bartleby (1976).

He wrote 2 books : "L'ile des dragons" (1973) et "Le métier de comédien" (1977).

Partner of Josephine Chaplin (1977-1983), one son Julien Ronet, born in 1980.

Was originally cast to play Ali in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) but was replaced on location by Omar Sharif.

Appeared in four films for director Claude Chabrol.

Studied philosophy. Had a passion for literature, music and painting.

Son of Émile Ronet and Paule De Breuil.