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Quotes (3)

  • [on pursuing an acting career] You knock firmly on the door and if it opens you walk through. If it doesn't open, don't smash it down - just walk away. It means that this wasn't the right direction for you now. It means there might be something else you need to do ..maybe there is a script you need to write or a class you have to take. Desperation doesn't get you any work so don't try to break that door down. Recognize that closed door for what it is, time to choose a different door... for now.
  • [on performing in 'Everything and Everyone'] We had the complete script but we were allowed to let it breathe and we danced around with it. That is what is wonderful about independent film - it is just such a different process.
  • [on 19th century occultist Helena Blavatsky] She wanted to promote universal brotherhood. She believed in the equality of all mankind, which was a unique stance to take in the day and age that she was brought up... I think she had a brilliant mind, was probably innately a great scientist, but her talent was to be a magician, a circus performer, an incredible orator, an entertainer in many ways. So that's how she kept herself afloat - by producing miracles and phenomena.