Willy Rozier Poster


Willy Rozier (b.1903) .although a writer, was not very good at conceiving movies;"Les Anges Noirs " (1937) highlighted his problem: though based on a François Mauriac's novel ,it was impossible to take an interest in these characters ,the director being incapable of giving a little life to them."Monsieur Chasse" (1946) was pure filmed stage production."56 Rue Pigalle"praised act keeping in with moral standards , so did "Le Bagnard" which told the story of a doctor who gambled his money away , was sent to a penal colony and finally redeemed his soul ."L'Epave"(1949) was certainly the most satisfying effort of his career ."Les Amants Maudits " was a poor man's Bonnie and Clyde ,but "Manina ,La Fille Sans Voile" revealed,long before Vadim ,Brigitte Bardot's sensuality and sex appeal.The three Callaghan movies (1954,1955, 1960) were mediocre stuff.Rozier would cast his Callaghan ,Tony Wright, in another Cheyney adaptation "Et Par Ici La Sortie ",a heavy-handed slapstick,the kind of flick which makes me like the coming of the Nouvelle Vague."Prisonniers De La Brousse ",in which five persons who survived a forced landing in African bush walked through a hostile nature,was a return to the two-bit exoticism of "Le Bagnard" .His last efforts "Dany La Ravageuse " and "Dora La Frénésie Du Plaisir " (sic) were pornographic movies.He died in 1983.