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Trivia (3)

Daughter of José António Cardoso de Menezes Salema José António Cardoso de Meneses Salema, great-grandson of the first Viscount and first Count of Margaride Nobleman of Coat of Arms of Cardoso (timber) and de Macedo with crowns of Viscount and of Count and descendant of a bastard son of Louis XV, King of France, and former first wife Maria Helena Póvoas Bento de Almeida. Second cousin of Rodrigo Menezes, actor, and Madalena Brandão, actress.

Has two brothers named João (b. 1970) and Pedro (b. 1972) and a half-brother from her father second civil marriage named Manuel (1982-2005).

Has an only child and daughter, Francisca de Almeida de Menezes Salema Gonçalves (b. Lisbon, 19 November 1992).