Jake Sandvig Poster


Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Jake discovered his love for acting after one of his teachers encouraged him to try out for local projects. He soon began acting in commercials and by age eleven, Jake and his family made the move down to Hollywood. His first high profile role was that of Josh Jordon, son to Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer in The Story Of Us. Jake followed that up with parts on several television shows including Once And Again, The Closer and Veronica Mars. He played Lash in the 2005 movie SKY HIGH starring Kurt Russell and Michael Angarano and starred in Brian Crano's play the 12th Premise as Con From 2006-2008 he starred alongside Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow on NBC's Twenty Good Years. With roles in Extreme Movie, Fired Up and the 2010 hit EASY A, Jake demonstrated his ability as a comedic actor.

Jake's latest movie A Bag Of Hammers, has him teaming up with writer/director Brian Crano once more. Not only did Jake co-write the movie with Brian, he also stars in the film as Alan; one half of a pair of misfit best friends, who can't seem to find what's missing from their lives. It's not until an abandoned young child comes into the picture, that they realize what was missing was the love that only family can provide. A Bag Of Hammers debuted at the 2011 South by Southwest festival.