Vera Schmiterlöw Poster

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Her last cinematical works followed in the 70s.

In 1934 followed an interruption of 35 years before she acted again in front of the camera for the serial "Hall polisen utanför" (1969).

After starting a stage career it didn't last long till she also appeared in her first movies in 1923.

With the rise of the sound film her film career in Germany came to an end and she only took part in few more productions like "Alimente" (1930).

She went to Germany in 1927 where she was able to continue her film career successfully.

She returned to Sweden in 1931 where he focused on her stage career again. Beside it she acted again in few more movies like "En kvinnas morgondag" (1931) and "Unga hjärtan" (1934).

She became established in the Swedish silent film business with the productions "När millionerna rullar..." (1925), "Mordbrännerskan" (1926) and "Drottningen av Pellagonien" (1927).

The actress Vera Schmiterlöw first attended an acting school before she started her stage career in Sweden.