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Trivia (10)

At the time of his murder, he was the top men's hairstylist in the US, and was a leading force in the development of a market for men's hair products and toiletries through his new company, Sebring International. His customers included Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, George Peppard, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, among others.

Was buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, Michigan.

Grew up in a middle class family outside of Detroit, Michigan.

George Roundy, the character played by Warren Beatty in Shampoo (1975), is based on him.

Is the stylist who designed The Doors' front man, Jim Morrison's trademark free-flowing hairstyle.

Served in the Korean War during his four year stint in the Navy.

Was engaged to actress Sharon Tate for a year. She later married Roman Polanski.

Is portrayed by Patrick Fabian in Helter Skelter (2004)

Uncle of Anthony DiMaria.

In 1965, Sebring rented the former home of Paul Bern - MGM honcho and second husband of Jean Harlow - located at 9860 Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon. In September 1932, Bern was discovered in the dressing room off the master bedroom with a bullet in his head. Officially declared a suicide at the time, later reconstructions pointed to murder by his former wife, Dorothy Millette as the most plausible explanation. At the time, Sebring signed the lease for the house, it was owned by actress Sally Forrest and her husband Milo Frank. Several years later Sebring opted to purchase the home from the Franks, and was living at the house at the time of his murder in August 1969.